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New technology : CAD/CAM

Discover in our clinic the latest system, called


Computer Aided Design/ Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Dentist use CAD/CAM technology to provide their patients with durable, well-fitted single and multiple tooth restoration in a more efficient manner than traditional lab-fabricated restoration.


Dentists and dental lab technicians use CAD/CAM technology to design the anatomical features, size and shape of tooth restoration on the computer.


The CAD/CAM computer screen displays a 3D custom image of your teeth and gums, allowing your dentist to use a cursor to draw the precise design of the tooth restoration.


The CAD/CAM machine fabricates the restoration through a milling chamber that crafts the tooth like ceramic material into a precise replica of drawing. Today`s porcelain ceramic work very well in the milling chamber, providing strength, durability and a high aesthetic value. Furthermore, today’s materials such as zirconium may be more ``fracture resistant`` than those of the past.