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What is a dental crown?

Couronne dentaire 

A dental crown can restore a heavily damaged,broken or weakened tooth. A dental crown can also restore the aesthetics of your teeth.

The end result is a new tooth, a natural appearance that blends and matches in with your other teeth. It is permanently fixed, aesthetic and durable.


In our Smile Partner dental clinics you will be able to choose the type, shape, size and colour of your crown which has either metal or zirconium base.

A dental crown offers a multitude of solutions

The dental crown can be used in three main situations:

• Dental Crown with a root canal: to repair a damaged tooth
• Dental Crown over Dental Implant: to replace a missing tooth
• Aesthetic Dental Crown: to change the appearance of one or more teeth


> Crown with a root canal > Crown over dental implant

Couronne dentaire prix 

Photos of dental crowns 

Couronne sur implant b 


 What is the cost of a crown ?

The price of a dental crown varies according to the quality of the materials used. Ourdentists work with 3 different types of definitive crown and bridges.
Metal fused to porcelain: This type of crown has a metal frame and used more than 95% of the cases. It is a fixed solution with good aesthetic value and long life time.
Full fused to porcelain crown: Zirconium is the strongest material in today's dentistry, therefore this base withstands the high forces of biting and grinding. As the colour of the zirconium is whitish, the final crown has a very natural appearance, slightly transparent just like the natural tooth. As the frame does not include metal it is very well tolerated by the body (biocompatible).
Full porcelain crown: This type of crown is made out of BIOPRESS ceramic and has the most natural appearance, however as it has no support of a metal base it is not recommended on the premolar and molar teeth due to the hefty chewing and biting forces that humans can generate. It shall not generate any kind of allergic reaction by the body as it does not contain metal.

Metal fused to porcelain crown


Full porcelain crown


Zirconium - oxide crown


Our dental treatment price list

Treatment timescale for a crown

At Smile Partner Clinics in most cases the crown palcement requires 2 consultations with a 4-6 day stay. The length of your stay will depend on the number of crowns you need.
Between the 2 consultations, you can have a temporary crown, so you will be able to smile with confidence!



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