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Dental Veneers : with Smile Partner !



Your smile plays a very important role in your professional and personal life.

Our specialists in cosmetic dentistry offer you the opportunity to find a beautiful smile by using dental ceramic veneer's or professional tooth whitening.


Dental veneer


Facette dentaire

The dental veneer is a thin shell that covers the front teeth and can correct the shape, color and dimensions of the teeth to significantly improve the appearance of your smile.


It is mainly used on the incisors and canines (front teeth). Made of ceramic a dental veneer is bonded to the exposed face of the existing tooth, giving you the smile you've always wanted!




Dental veneer prices


Dental veneer price 

   from 280€

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Dental veneers : the advantages


Dental veneers: the benefits

Fixed and aesthetics: the end result a new tooth, the natural appearance that blends harmoniously with others. It is perfectly fixed, aesthetic and durable.

If the tooth is damaged, or if one of your teeth has undergone a root canal, it would be better to restore a pure ceramic dental crown.




Professional tooth whitening

 Blanchiment dentaire


ZOOM 2 professional tooth whitening system

Our latest tooth whitening method, you will get teeth up to 8 shades lighter! Our method of tooth whitening removes stains generated by the high consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, antidepressant, but also aging and taking tetracyclines (antibiotics) spots.


Tooth whitening : the cost


From 310 €





Blanchiment dentaire

Tooth whitening : advantages


Blanchiment dentaire

Our tooth whitening system ZOOM2 is the perfect solution for all patients who want immediate, effective and sustainable results:

1 single session is enough to find a resplendent smile


ZOOM2 to lighten teeth up to 8 shades
Effectiveness recognized 52% higher than the whitening done at home

Tooth whitening : treatment instructions


In just one session 1:30 in our partner dental clinics Smile Partner, you will find a dazzling white smile .


All you need to know about tooth whitening


• Before your treatment, your dentist will ensure that no untreated caries , tooth decayed , weak enamel, gum irritation .


• Some patients can experience sensitivity during or after the whitening treatment . Symptoms disappear about 1-3 days after the end of treatment.


• Depending on your lifestyle and intake of colourant foods, your  teeth change color very slowly with natural aging, but they will always be whiter than before.


• If you have crowns they will remain their colour, they will not change




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