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Dental implants and dental crowns

Our dental clinic in Spain offer you the following guarantee for your dental implants and dental crowns:

Guarantee for dental implants 
Guarantee dental implant GC Aadva    Aadva 6 years
Guarantee dental implant  Serf          Serf 6 years
Guarantee dental implant Alpha Bio  Alpha bio 6 years
Guarantee dental implant  Nobel Biocare Nobel biocare Guarantee for life

Guarantee for dental crowns

Guarantee metal fused to porcelain crown

3 years

Guarantee zirconium - oxide crowns

3 years


Terms and conditions of the guarantee

• In the case of a possible post-operative complications, the clinic covers the cost of treatment and the laboratory to rectify the problem. In case of rejection of a dental implant it covers the removal and the placement of a new implant (if possible) covered by the warranty of the dental implant.
• The warranty does not cover temporary prosthesis or root canals.
• Warranty dental implant and dental crown guarantee is only valid if the dentist has completed all the work and the patient pays the full treatment.

The guarantee is not valid if


The warranty for dental implants and dental crowns will be void due to the following circumstances:

• If the patient neglects his daily oral hygiene, maintenance of final dentures and does not take care to make the sessions mandatory quarterly scaling.
• If the patient does not comply with post-operative instructions of the dentist.
• If the patient is suffering from pathologies producing a general alteration of the oral condition (diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, high gain or loss of weight over a short period, radiotherapy, or serious sports injury, emotional stress, smoking, ...)
• If the patient does not inform Smile Partner or the clinic of any problems within a maximum of 72 hours.

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