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 What is a dental implant ?

Implant dentaire


A dental implant is an artificial root.

In the form of a titanium screw which is placed into the jaw bone as the root then later an abutment placed and a crown/tooth



Dental implants: The avantages

In the case of clinical Smile Partner, the placement of dental implants is a perfectly controlled by our experts in implant dentists and totally secure as performed in a sterile operating room operation:

• 98% success rate
• Quick and painless procedure> Dental implant & pain
• An affordable price for dental implant, from 530 €> Dental implant price list

With Smile Partner, you have the options of:

  • The implant placed in Tenerife
  • The implant placed in Barcelona


 Dental implants: Different options and solutions 


The placement of a dental implant is recognized as the best solution to replace one or more teeth in a fixed manner.


> replacement of one tooth


> replacement of several teeth

Pose d'un implant dentaire


> Crown over implant


> Bridge over implant

Dental implants: technology & innovation

Our dentists and implantogists continue to train in new technology and modern meathod in implantology :

  •   The imediate loading of dental implants   >  Learn more
  •   The placement of a dental implant without the opening of the gum  >  Learn more
  •   Bone grafting and Sinus lift  › Learn more

 Dental implants : Our method ?



It is recommended that the placing of a dental implant takes place in a sterile operating room dedicated to implantology. This is no exception in the case of dental clinics Smile Partner.

In general, the placing of a dental implants follow a protocol time. The first step is to place the dental implant, and then, after observing a healing period 3 to 6 months, a second phase, called prosthetic phase is to place the crown on a dental implant.

> Learn more

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