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Free-travel between European countries allows patients to extend their choice of dental care options, travelling to European dental tourism destinations.

The World Healthcare Organization has ranked the Spanish healthcare system to be the 7th best in the world. One important factor in Spain achieving this ranking is the fact that Spanish clinics are equipped with modern technology and sophisticated medical equipment. Some of the popular procedures for medical tourism in Spain include plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and elective surgery.


The fact that the health system has become universal and broadly accessible makes Spain one of the easiest countries in Europe in which to seek dental care.




The past few years have seen Spain gain prominence in dental tourism, thanks to its excellent medical system that offers low cost dental treatment and quality care for patients from all over the globe.


More tourists, especially EU citizens, are flocking to popular tourist destinations in the Canary Islands to receive private health care at affordable prices.Since dental tourism not only involves smile enhancement but also enjoying the holidays, the isle of Tenerife has a lot to offer.


The El Cedro dental practice clinic is specialized in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Within 5 working days you can reach a perfect smile including, root canal treatment, new dental crown or dental veneers, tooth whitening and replacement of the tooth fillings.


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